TestHub is the Premier Results Based Testing (R.B.T) marketplace which feeds the demand for quality testing services for applications by providing certified testers. The outcome is quality applications which saves money!

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TestHub is the premier R.B.T. (Results Based Testing) marketplace which provides testing services across technology platforms (web, handhelds, APIs, desktop, apps, cloud etc.). As a marketplace, TestHub serves both the demand (enabling companies to know the importance of software testing and providing this service) and the supply (creating the awareness of software testing and training learners to not only have knowledge about testing but to help them to certify as testers thereby meeting the demand).

TestHub is a marketplace with the VISION to become the leading professional body that provides Results Based Testing across technology platforms (web, handhelds, APIs, desktop, cloud etc.) and to train testers to obtain ISTQB certification in Africa.

TestHub has a MISSION to provide Results Based Testing services across technology platforms in Africa and to be the Established Authority for testing services in Ghana.

TestHub has an apps and technology review blog named TestHub’s Exceptional Microscope (THE Microscope). This blog reviews technology targeted most especially at the Ghanaian market and seeks to provide consumers with the best of the technology by pointing out its pitfalls and advantages. This will also make the developers bring out the best technology by producing quality applications to be consumed.

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TestHub provides 3 major services – Testing Services, Tester Training Services and THE Microscope.

Testing Services

TestHub provides unrivalled testing services across all software platforms and provides you, the client, with Results. With our niche of Quality and Results Based Testing, TestHub ensures that all the requirements are well understood and walks with you throughout the development process thereby providing quality, saving you money and making your customers happy! Reach  out to us!

Tester Training Services

TestHub also provides training services for testers. This is against the backdrop of providing a crop of quality test professionals who are certified and are able to provide result based testing with professionalism in their work.

THE  Microscope

This is the review blog of TestHub where various apps and software products released onto the Ghanaian market are reviewed to provide consumers with an objective view of the software.

This is also to enable app providers bring out the best apps that are of topmost quality.

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